Student Resources

Violin Supplies

Shar 800 248-7427

Concord Musical Supplies 201 261-3871

Johnson String Instrument 800 359-9351

Southwest Strings 800 528-3430

The String Centre 800 348-5003

Sheet Music Plus

Luck's Music Library 1 800 348 8749

Violin Shops/Rentals

Perrin & Associates 

Potters Violins 800 317-9452

Bein and Fushi                                                                                                                                      

Violinmakers (for repairs)

David Chrapkievicz (Washington Grove)  301 461-0690

Michael Weller (Alexandria)

Bowmakers (for rehairs and repairs)

Joshua Henry (Gaithersburg) 301 801-0914

Donald Cohen (Alexandria) 703 548-2440                                                                                                  

Practice and Performance 

String Gallery - Online String Community with the Strad Magazine

Online Metronome

Online Virtual Piano -  Check pitches and notes on your computer.

Music Theory Training

Free Staff Paper

Amateur Chamber Music Players

Classical Kids

Music Downloads

International Music Score Library Project - Free downloads of major works.

Juilliard Manuscript Collection - Online original manuscripts by famous composers.

Complete Mozart String Quartets

Harp Links

Vanderbilt Music Company

Camac Harps

Howard Bryan & Company Harpmakers

Lyon and Healy

Virginia Harp Center

Mike Lewis-Harp Regulator