Frank Hanley Surgeon Tetralogy of Fallot

Frank Hanley saved our daughter  Eliana Stapp at Stanford, California.  He is a  once-in-a-century talent as a surgeon.  This is the musical equivalent of someone like Jascha Heifetz or Nathan Milstein.  He invented the unifocalization surgery which saves babies like our daughter Eliana.  Eliana was born with Tetralogy of Fallot with near pulmonary atresia and collaterals. Dr.Hanley completed a full repair in one surgery and as a bonus corrected what others had done at another institution.  He accomplished in one surgery that which normally takes two, three, or more surgeries.  Not only that, he does the repair at a higher level. Like many truly great people, he is humble because he knows things can always be done better.  This is refreshing and hopeful when one considers that  prestige and money can be valued over everything, including babies lives.


Eliana Stapp

Eliana Stapp


Harp Lessons

Harpists relaxing before a concert!


William Stapp Violinmaker

Violinmaking Presentation


Astrid Walschot Stapp Yuri Temirkanov

Astrid with Maestro Yuri Temirkanov



Will Eliana play the harp?


William Stapp Astrid Walschot Stapp

Mr. and Mrs Stapp along the Mosel in Germany.


Astrid Walschot Stapp harp teacher

This child is quite curious about Astrid's harp.


Frederick Music Teachers

Mr. and Mrs. Stapp - the train to Cumberland...